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When to take your Dose for Best Phentermine Results

As with all weight loss drugs or supplements out there, the best phentermine results will be had by those willing to follow the recommended instructions the most closely. Aside from the usual instructions to eat a more balanced diet and partake in regular exercise, patients looking to shed some weight should also consider their timing when it comes comes to certain pills.  

Usually, a single tablet of phentermine will be enough to suppress a person’s appetite, and it’s suggested that the optimal time to do so is in the morning, about thirty minutes before taking breakfast. A couple of hours after breakfast is also a suitable time to take a tablet.For the best possible phentermine results, patients will usually be instructed to start off by taking a 30mg tablet per day, although they are allowed to increase their daily dose to 40mg if their hunger persists.  

Patients also have the option of splitting the daily tablet in half ad taking each half at separate times during their day, as they please. This is a great option for those that experience the onset of hunger in the afternoons, and is actually a very good way of fully making use of the appetite-suppressing effects of phentermine. 15mg in the morning and 15mg in the afternoon can see most people through an entire day without experiencing hunger pangs.  

Should you choose to utilize the half-now-half-later method as described above, it’s important to note that the second half of the pill should be take at least 6 to 8 hours before bedtime. The reason for this is the fact that taking phentermine results in restlessness and insomnia in some people. This is, in fact, the reason many people will choose to take it just once before breakfast and have it see them through their entire day – it’s effective enough to have most people feeling completely full after a relatively small meal.

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Dealing with Stomach Irritation while taking Phentermine Should a patient happen to experience any sort of abdominal pain or discomfort after taking a dose of phentermine, especially if they take it on an empty stomach, then the recommended solution is to change the time of the dosage. Taking the tablet perhaps one or two hours after breakfast has been had will drastically reduce the incidence of stomach aches and irritations.If changing the routine time of the dosage doesn’t solve the stomach issues, then something else might be at fault here.  

It might be that some of the phentermine ingredients are at the root of the disturbance. The tablet contains numerous active ingredients including phentermine hydro-chloride in addition to various stabilizers such as anhydrous lactose, pre-gelatinized starch, magnesium stearate, sucrose, and micro-crystalline cellulose. 

Unless a patient is allergic to a phentermine ingredient in particular, a recommended solution to stomach irritation is the drinking of a flaxseed drink right before the tablet is taken.An alternative method of dealing with persistent stomach irritation while taking this weight loss pills is by taking one out of the many drugs available that suppress the production of stomach acids. In this category of medications are drugs such as Pantoprazole, Omeprazole, and Lansoprazole.  

Potential patients should be sure to consult with their nutritionist before taking them so as to ensure that they would be suitable for them to take while simultaneously taking phentermine. They will be able to pin-point any potential reactions the medication might have with any other medication you’re on as well make sure it is suitable for your current physical condition and the health and fitness regimen you’re currently on. 

Phentermine first hit the market in the USA back in 1959 under the brand name Lonamin. It has spread in popularity all over the world, gong under different names such as Suprenze, Adipex, Phentermine Hydrochloride, Qsymia, Duromine, Phentermine Resin, and Metermine. Even though it goes by different names, phentermine results remain the same worldwide. 

In Conclusion

Should you be interested in taking this pill, it is strongly advised that you do so under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional to ensure your health is not negatively affected. Unsupervised users should strongly consider alternative medications which might be help them achieve weight loss levels relatively close to phentermine results without the supervision of a doctor, safely.

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