Things You Need to Know before Buying CBD oil

Western medicine has been around for too long and despite the many benefits it brought us, one cannot possibly deny the negative side effects they often bring. Among these, antibiotics, pain-relief medications and psychotropic medications need a special mention. They bring us instant relief all right, but over prolonged usage, they do more harm than good. Worse is when they make you develop tolerance and finally, require the dosage to be up to the extent where all benefits are lost. However, for the time being, we will keep antibiotics out of this discussion and concentrate upon the other two. For, there is an alternative we found!

About CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is the most abundant, natural constituent of industrial hemp. It is non-psychoactive by nature (i.e. doesn’t give you the high as normal cannabis smoking would) and is still under scientific investigations for science is still not done with finding all of its goodness. However, whatever little bit that it has is enough to benefit many people suffering from chronic conditions related to both the mind and the body. Its ingredients work synergistically, bringing over an entourage effect.

CBD is vastly different from the cannabinoid THC – the ingredient that gives you the high when you smoke cannabis. There are two types – there’s CBD from Cannabis Sativa or hemp and CBD from Cannabis Indica, which is marijuana. The levels of THC in Cannabis indica are lower whereas, for Cannabis sativa, it is higher compared to THC to CBD levels. However, the CBD we are discussing is from the genus/species Cannabis Sativa Under normal room temperature, CBD oil lasts for about 12 months but with refrigeration, its shelf-life can be extended to 18 months without any reduction to its efficacy.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Benefits of CBD Oil

Researches and studies have shown CBD oil is effective against diabetes, psychological and neurological disorders (including those arising from substance abuse), and various types of cancers, cardiac problems (e.g. multiple sclerosis), chronic pains (e.g. arthritis and muscle pains) and funny as it may sound – acne! It targets the endocannabinoid system or ECS of the body, which regulates various physiological functions including sleep and appetite cycles, sensations to pain and immuno-responses. The cannabinoids present in CBD mimic the body’s own neurotransmitters with similar attributes (the endocannabinoids) and bind to the cannabinoid receptors to alleviate those symptoms and their roots. Needless saying that the body produces its endocannabinoids to fight such symptoms and their causes.

Choose Your Buying Criteria

The best CBD oil should be free from pesticides and herbicides; fungus, molds and all toxins they produce and heavy metals. Thus, it’s very important that you buy CBD oil from a reliable source.

CBD comes as whole-plant extracts; often they are mixed with synthetics or as isolates. It’s the whole-plant extract that is considered to be the purest and rich in beneficial substances like cannabinoids and beneficial oils like terpenes (unsaturated, plant-derived hydrocarbons). This is because full-spectrum CBD extracts contain traces of several other non-psychoactive cannabinoids (CBC, CBDA, CBG & CBDV) than just CBD alone, as in the purified versions. Even the percentage of CBD has been found to be higher in the whole-plant extracts than in any other variety. All that boils down to one thing – the un-purified forms of CBD Oil benefits alleviate inflammations and pain way better!

Choose your product type

Always remember to buy cbd that’s 100% organic, cold-pressed and full-spectrum if you want maximum effects. Additives and preservatives with emulsifiers and flavorings will just cut its effects down! CBD oil is consumed in two primary ways – sub-lingually and as a vapor. Sub-lingual consumption is recommended due to a fast absorption compared to the vapor but it can also be applied topically (upon skin) if it’s a problem area you directly want to approach. Some people also blend it with shakes and smoothies for direct ingestion.

Trusted company and sites

Where to buy cbd oil from? Best is that you buy CBD oil on-line. Though there are many, these three belong to the top!

There is a Colorado-based CBD oil company manufactures true, organic CBD and other hemp products. Their motto is. Their lab testing methods are transparent and that becomes possible since it’s a company under a family undertaking. Among the most outstanding brands of CBD oil in today’s market, Fab CBD is definitely the best!

Another one we can trust for buying CBD oil is American Shaman A high-tech manufacturing process being their prime forte, their impressive range of CBD products carry detailed Certificates-of-Analysis from various lab tests. If you want your products to work even better, enroll for their Compassionate Care program.

Purity Petibles Uses organic hemp grown in Colorado to create pet-formulations with CBD products to treat specific illnesses and disorders. The lab tests prove their products to be high quality and consistent. Their promise of producing premium, phytocannabinoids-rich CBD oil is something both you and your pet can rely upon.

How safe is CBD oil

As long as you stick to the recommended doses, CBD oil is not going to do any harm. You must be using it in gallons at a time or abuse it to witness any noticeable side effects. However, chances of possible interactions with other drugs can’t be ruled out completely.

This is particularly for medications used to treat epilepsy. It increases the blood levels of these kinds of drugs and will need to balance their doses, with aid from a qualified, practicing physician.

Also, CBD might affect those with a bad liver or pancreas. It has been noticed to increase secretion of liver enzymes, which is a tell-tale symbol of liver damage.

Bottom Line

CBD oil, while it might not harm anyone in sound health and willing to try it out just for fun in limited doses, it is always advisable to consult a qualified healthcare provider; more so for anyone suffering from a chronic condition. This is because any current medication the person is undergoing needs to be balanced with the CDB dosage if you want optimum benefits to result from its usage.

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