Herbalife Shake Recipe: Simple Way to Follow a Nutritious life

Changing your lifestyle and beginning to live healthier can feel like a lot of work. However, with a nutritious Herbalife shake, you can make the process easier and more enjoyable. A Herbalife shake provides all the nutrition necessary to lose weight as well as lead a healthy lifestyle effectively. Herbalife shake offer as much as 21 essential minerals and vitamins in a single delicious glass. These shakes comprise proteins, fiber, as well as essential nutrients which help to boost cellular metabolic functions. Just mix it with soymilk or low-fat milk, add some fresh ice and fruit, and enjoy! 

The Herbalife shake works as a meal replacement offering the body all the essential nutrients it needs. And better yet, there are several Herbalife flavors to pick from, making them quite appealing to virtually anyone. Some of the best Herbalife flavors include vanilla, orange, and mint chocolate. 

To help you delight in this remarkable drink, here is a simple to follow the recipe you can use. This is a step by step guide and which comprises the gourmet recipe for Lemon Blueberry. It is essential you consider that this is among the numerous recipes available. Take all the necessary precautions if you suffer from any food-related allergies. 


  • Water, 8 Oz. 
  • Ice, 8 Oz. 
  • Blender 
  • Formula 1 Herbalife (Vanilla) shake mix, two scoops 


1. Add scoops of the Herbalife shake formula: Add 2 or 3 scoops of the Formula 1 (Herbalife shake) depending on how hungry you are. This is the bestselling and most nutritious healthy meal on the market. 

2. Add your ingredients into your blender: Fill your blender with 8 ounces or a cup line of water (ice cold). Add all your ingredients in the blender and then add some ice into the mixture (8 ounces) right after all the ingredients.

3. Add fruit: Have the shake original or ass fruit for your gourmet shake. Ensure that you keep your calorie count on the low. 

4. Add personalized protein: Add a scoop of personalized protein. It is excellent for boosting the protein count in your intake. Protein helps build lean muscle and lean muscle burns fat.

5. Get some ingredients for the lemon blueberry shake: Visit a grocery store in your locality and get some easy to acquire ingredients (low calories). These are to make your blueberry (lemon) shake.

6. Add some ice: After adding all your ingredients, add your ice last as earlier in the process.

7. Blend and add honey: Add some honey into the mixture while blending. This recipe has used local honey.


Follow this process each morning and expect to see results! There is also another version (allergen free) of this Herbalife shake.

Notes: A Herbalife shake as a meal replacement.

As many Herbalife reviewsoutline, Herbalife shake mixes offer an assortment of essential nutrients, fiber, and soy proteins which encourage among others natural weight loss not to mention a healthy heart. Drinking this product for breakfast as well as lunch offers you ample nutrition since the shake can act as a (low calorie) alternative to standard but less healthy meals.

The nutrition a Herbalife shake mix offers-especially when mixed with soymilk or low-fat milk-boosts the overall metabolic rate subsequently promoting better health. Herbalife shakes flavors include fiber, as well as antioxidants.

The fiber in the formula aids in proper digestion while antioxidants help in promoting better health of your body. As such, drinking this shake on a daily basis can promote natural weight loss in a productive and healthy manner-something most Herbalife reviews outline.

Take a healthy dinner

When you choose to drink Herbalife (protein) shake as a replacement for your meals, always ensure you pick healthy food options each time you take an actual meal. Refrain from any foods which have high sugar, sodium or fat content for the best results. Diets that are high on fiber and protein content and low on calorie help promote weight loss especially when combined with shake intake. 


Exercising regularly is an essential component of a diet plan to give optimal results. As such, incorporate exercises in your routine when taking Herbalife to shake ingredients. Exercise does not necessarily mean bodybuilding and weightlifting. Just do some easy activities on a daily basis. For instance, rather than take the elevator, you can go for the stairs, or perform a cardio workout each day for about 20 minutes or take a simple evening walk. 

The primary objective is to enhance your activity level if needed. If you did not perform exercises before starting dieting, you could start with a low-level activity routine. However, if you were already engaging in a high-activity routine, there is no need to change it.

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