Review on Lectin Shield

Review on Lectin Shield

Are you ever come across with the lectins term? In case of the answer is no you are not alone. It is good for you to know these proteins. Having knowledge about these types of protein will greatly help you in the prevention of damage to your body. This article will discuss in detail what is lectins and reasons why you should try this wonderful product lectin shield. The product helps you to protect you from many diseases enabling you to live a healthy life.

The basics information about lectins

Many people see plants as the defenceless especially when it comes to fighting off the predators. They do not believe that plants have the power of defending you from poison. Contrary to the beliefs of many some plants have very strong defence mechanisms. Plants such as castor bean plants have the high content of lectin, ricin. Ricin is a strong poison that can be very dangerous when it is ingested. On the other hand, some plants such as tomatoes and eggplant have little of the content of lectins that are less powerful compared to the castor plants. However, still, the lectins found in those plants are capable of dissuading predators from attacking that specific plant next time.

Now, how do all these connections with the food that we eat? What we eat is connected a lot with the lectins. We need to have a wide knowledge about lectin and role played by the lectin shield. The following are some facts, roles played by the lectin shield in the provision of the necessary barrier.

1. Immune system problems

You should know that eating plants with the lectins will put you at a very high risk of getting immune system problems. This is because the lectins in the plant will stick to the cells and tissues in our body.

2. Lectins can cause digestive problems

Consuming plants with lectin will lead you experiencing serious and uncontrollable digestive problems. The Lectins shield will help you to prevent this problem. It is a very important product in protecting your stomach walls.

A Strong Ally in fighting lectins

It is very difficult to avoid completely that food that contains a high content of lectins such as tomatoes, oats and beans. This because most of the plants that contain extremely high lectins are used as daily foods by many people over the world. According to Dr Gundry, lectin shield is the most effective solution to the above problem.

Lectins shield helps in preventing the lectins from attaching to your cells and tissues. It is strong ingredients that provide your body with protection all the time. For healthy living is advisable to have basic knowledge about this product lectin shield. Here are some tips on how this amazing product lectin shield work. Read on for you to understand the components and role played by each component that made up lectin shield.

Components that make Lectin shield to work.

Review on Lectin Shield

1. Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate is a very important substance that is found in the lectin shield. It is this substance that can eliminate lectins in your digestive system. Also, it adds bulk to your stools assisting in keeping your bowel moments normal

What Makes Lectin Shield Work?

Sodium alginate – This substance works to rid your digestive system of lectins. It also adds bulk to stools, helping to keep your bowel movements regular.

N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine

Wheat is one of the main sources of lectins. N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine prevents the lectins that are found in the wheat. Also, it helps to relieve the joint pain.


MSM helps greatly in relieving joint pain by eliminating lectins.


Bladderwrack help in blocking the lectins that are found in a very wide range of plants. Also, it helps in protecting our body from infections caused by yeasts.

Larch Arabinogalactans

It is mainly found in the larch tree. It helps in making the lining of stomach strong thus enabling them to withstand damages that might be caused by the lectins.


This component assists in protecting you from the lectin that is found in legumes such as peas, beans, peanuts and lentils. Also, it protects the body from dangerous bacteria

Okra extract

It blocks diverse types of lectins. Also, it provides a range of benefits. First, it helps in keeping your skin healthy and relieving joint

Sialic acid

This acid helps in blocking lectins that are found in a range of berries and distinct types grains. Sialic acid forms c a slippery barrier that covers the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. This makes it difficult for lectins to stick in the wall of the stomach and large and small intestines

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