Isagenix: Weight Loss For Breastfeeding Moms


Nowadays, more and more mothers are choosing to breastfeed their babies, and for longer durations of time too. But, their main concern is the aftereffect of being overweight that causes due to pregnancy. Well for them. Isagenix is here because it helps to reduce weight. Which is awesome. Because you can’t substitute healthy breast milk for any manufactured milk out there, regardless of how good they are. And not to make it seem like you’re vain and don’t care about your kid or anything, but you spent a lot of time (9 months) being self-conscious of your body, and breastfeeding may take about the same, if not more, a time before your baby has weaned off and your body’s yours again.

Should you spend that much time hating your body?

This is a relevant question that needs to be addressed, because how you feel (happy? Fulfilled? Depressed?) during those few months after your baby’s birth (when they need your constant care and attention) can determine how well you cater to their needs.

Does that mean you should chuck yourself full of whatever diet pills or best meal replacement shakes for weight loss you come across, even while breastfeeding?

By all means, no. None of the Isagenix reviews on the internet will encourage nursing mothers to consume weight loss products as long as their babies are taking their breast milk for one simple reason, whatever you consume will likely affect the taste and quality of your breast milk. And Isagenix thrives to promote healthy breast milk for babies as much as possible.

Besides, consuming weight loss products made with natural herbs can make your breast milk repulsive to your baby. Look at it this way, if the weight loss pill or shake you take will make you shed pounds, what do you think it will do to an infant? One without excess fat to shed.

That’s why doctors always have a recommended time frame for new mommies to start an exercise and weight-loss diet. Isagenix products are meant to be taken within this recommended timeframe.

Remember while breastfeeding, you would need to consume an excess of 500 calories over what you’d normally consume so that your body can generate sufficient milk for your baby. By the time you’re about weaning your kid, those 500 calories would have added up, so when you mean to lose weight, exercise alone won’t cut it.

Products you’ll find on Isagenix websites are specifically geared to target this period. So, they’re designed to keep you healthy with all the nutrients you’ll need. This is because your little bundle of joy still keeps you up at night, and your body needs all the nutrients it can get so that you don’t succumb to opportunistic diseases.

However, it provides these nutrients without the excess calories you’d get from eating more foods than usual (you’ll still eat more than usual even after weaning because your body hasn’t gotten the “I need to lose weight” message yet).

Here is a couple of meal replacement shakes you can take as soon as you wean your baby.

Safe Pregnancy Weight Loss Shakes & Products For Breastfeeding Mothers


Isagenix Shakes -Isalean Shake, Isalean Shake Dairy-Free

These Isagenix shakes are designed to give you a complete meal with ONLY 240 calories per serving. The formula combines a lot of unprocessed protein, healthy fats, and very few carbohydrates. And since most of the best meal replacement shakes have milk bases, Isagenix shakes have non-dairy options for those who don’t take dairy.

Isagenix shakes come in various flavors, from creamy french vanilla to creamy Dutch chocolate, strawberry cream to chocolate mint. Whatever it is you’re craving.


Because absolutely no one goes from eating for two people to respecting their low-calorie diet in one week. Isalean bars like IsaDelight are a healthy alternative to snacking on junk foods in between meals.

Other healthy stuff like Isagenix Snacks, which are protein and fiber-filled, are meant to keep you full so you aren’t tempted to stray. Note that Isagenix bars also come in dairy-free alternatives in different flavors.  

Isagenix Cleanse

If Isagenix shakes, bars and other snacks aren’t doing it for you, you can try the Isagenix cleanse – divided into really short term (Isagenix 9-day system) and long term (Isagenix 30 day system). Both of these drinks are packed with antioxidants to eject free radicals from your system, and natural herbs are known to speed up your metabolism.

Wrapping It Up

Since you’re likely to pass everything you eat and drink down to your infant through breast milk, most Isagenix reviews do not promote consuming any of their products, Isagenix shakes, snacks, and drinks, while nursing. When you get the go-ahead from your doctor though, don’t hold back.

Know this though, you didn’t get fat because you were unhealthy, you just got pregnant. So, once you lose the baby weight in a few short weeks, it should be easy for you to maintain this weight loss.

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