Does CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

Does CBD Show Up in a Drug Test

CBD usage has brought about many questions from different avenues and the most recent one is, does CBD show up in a drug test? This is a valid question that is probably on your mind too and that is why we have researched and wrote this article for you. 

We know that your health is of the essence and therefore, caring for it can be very beneficial for us all. For this reason, we have taken time to ask the medical practitioners as well as doing in-depth research to determine how far CBD can get into your system and what can be found when you are tested for drug usage.  

To understand this as a whole, it is wise that ask a few more questions that are related to it so that as we look at this, we may get a wholesome idea.  

What is CBD? 

Cannabidiol or popularly known as CBD is a cannabis compoundWhat does CBD do? It is known by many to have medical benefits without giving someone the sensation of feeling high. This is known to be different as it does not contain THC that is in marijuana. This THC is the one that is responsible for making someone feel high but better still, this CBD does not have. It is known to help in treating issues such as anxiety, epilepsy, seizures, arthritis among others making it more beneficial than the other extracts from plant cannabis that is grown in many parts of the world. 

Can you fail a drug test due to CBD? 

One of the reasons that many people have this question is because the many numbers of jobs that are available require one to pass through a drug test so as to determine whether one is eligible or not. 

Sadly, there are news reports of people testing positive of this and it is known that they have only been using CBD products. Through our research, we recognized that there are several factors that contribute to these results. One of them is product certification. The CBD oils that are in the market are not all certified due to the different cartel linked activities that are found in the nation. The wrong extraction of this product can lead to an increased level of THC which is intoxicating to your body 

Also due to the cartel linked activities, the percentages of THC that are indicated on a product may not be true and this can you test positive for the CBD. In order to solve this, one thing that you should consider doing is to use CBD products that are certified by the government. For this to work, you need to get them from a licensed person that is in the market.  

Another reason why you may find that you have tested positive for this drug test is the taking of an overdose. Many people fall into this trap because factors such as pressure, anxiety, and depression are piling up at a higher level. This, however, should not be the case. We all have different body tolerance. For this CBD to work properly on your body without producing lethal side effects, you need to consider taking only the appropriate dose for your body. This will help you gain the best out of each milligram that you take.  

Does CBD get you high? This a question that is probably in the mind of many too. The fact of the matter is that the pure brand of CBD from Hemp cannot make you get high. 

Reason for failing a CBD drug test 

CBD Oil Drug Test

As we have indicated above, there are several reasons that one may fail the drug tests and they include a high intake of the CBD products, high THC on the CBD product due to the improper acquisition of uncertified products. These are the two major reasons that you may fail CBD drug test. 

How long does CBD stay in your system? 

The effects of CBD last between 90 minutes and several hours depending highly on the amount that you have taken and also the state of your body. The difference also can be brought by how tolerant your body is. If your receptors are too strong, the effects may last for a shorter while as compared to your body when has weak receptors.  

Can high doses of CBD trigger false-positives? 

The unfortunate thing about CBD is the fact that when it is taken in high quantities, it becomes intoxicating and therefore one may fail the drug test. To avoid this, you should not take a high dosage of it. 

How to avoid a positive CBD drug test 

The best way to avoid the CBD drug testing positive is by following the right acquisition of the CBD. Go to the market in search of a certified product as well as that which is being sold by a licensed dealer. One other way that you can ensure you do not test positive, make sure that you take detoxification guidelines of THC. Make sure also that you avoid the second exposure of THC. 

Is CBD legal? 

Generally, CBD cannot be categorized fully on one side. What you need to understand is whether the area, state or nation that you are in it is considered legal or not. There are states and nations that CBD is legal while in others, it is not. 


When it comes to drug testing for a job interview or any other purpose, it is of benefit to text negative not only other drugs but also to CBD. We know that the pure CBD that is found in several places cannot make you test positive in a drug test. However, due to the illegal infiltration of these impure brands in the market, a wakeup call to take precautionary measures has been made. Be careful with where you buy CBD as it may turn out to be your worst nightmare. 

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