Does CBD Get You High? The Relaxing Sensation of CBD

Does CBD Get You High

In recent times, the usage of CBD amongst people has been in question with several debates springing up every time this topic is raised. The many questions that arise may include the following: Does CBD get you high? What does CBD do? Is it safe to use for pain

In this article, we shall try to answer some of these questions to help you understand what it is all about and how to go about it. 

What is CBD? 

To understand and answer some of these questions, we need to ask what exactly is CBD? 

It is found in cannabis plants. This cannabinoid is a natural compound of a chemical that is used in different products after being extracted from various products. When this is introduced to mammals and humans, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of biology.  

How CBD affects your body?

The body is a complex organ and in it, there is a system called an endocannabinoid. It has a network of receptors that is delicate and keeps the internal stability of physiological functions. This system regulates mood, sleep, temperature, heart function, metabolism, and digestion. 

How does it work? 

This system has very strong receptors that interact with CBD. When it gets to the body, it is known to have fun with the system though more subtly and peripherally. What it does is that it inhibits molecules of protein enzymes. This behavior is scientifically known as a non-competitive allosteric modulator. Making it hard for other cannabinoids to stimulate the system’s receptors. 

Does CBD make you high? 

Does CBD make you high? 

The big question in the minds of people that we would like to answer is this one. This is to bring clarification that will end the debate that has been in existence.  

CBD is known to be a psychoactive compound because it manipulates the brain. What makes this different is that it does not stimulate CB1 receptors making it have any intoxicating effects. What lifts the sensation of a person is when it is consumed in high doses such as that found CBD oil. The side effects of high consumption of this oil can cause dizziness, diarrhea or nausea. This is different from getting high in comparison 

One other difference that can be noted when using CBD is where they have been extracted. It is extracted from Hemp is very different from that one which has been derived from Marijuana. In many similar ways, these two can be compared but medically, their cannabidiol contents are different. The extract from marijuana are the ones that make one get high and that is why we recommend that before using any CBD, confirm that it is extracted from hemp.  

For CBD products to be accepted as legal in the United States, it has to go through a process of industrial extraction. The CBD oil that is extracted through this process must contain only 0.3 percent of THC or less. This is just a small trace of THC therefore it cannot make you high. In the real sense, what CBD does is to downplay any activity of THC towards stimulating the cannabinoid receptors that are found in our bodies. All these activities are to ensure that the user can stay as normal as possible to operate to the optimum thus making one not getting high.  

What are the benefits? 

There are several benefits of CBD that are experienced by the user on completely different levels. When you induce it into your body, the symptoms of that are associated with insomnia can be alleviated, if you are epileptic, you can go see a doctor who may advise you to be taking this CBD to take away some of the symptoms that you are showing, if you are stressed and anxious, this can be used to reduce it in a significant way. In addition to these, it can be used to treat the symptoms of cancer, HIV and Aids, nausea and medical issues that can make you lose appetite. It can also be used to relieve pain from inflammations. 

The above benefits have been proven medically and scientifically but for precaution, it is important that you only take them after the advice of a doctor. These are to help avoid any overuse or overdose of the same.  

How long does CBD last?  

Our bodies are different in terms of resistance levels, tolerance and the amount that you are taking. The longevity of the CBD is dependent on these three. One way that you can be able to gauge the time that these CBDs can last is how long it takes for them to start working in you. the longer it takes for them to work, the longer they last in you. Delving deeper, if you take higher doses, it is more likely that they are going to stay in you for long. The effects of them shall be felt in length also depending on what you are treating. If the intensity of it is higher, the shorter the lasting and if the intensity is smaller, the longer the effect on your body because of the minimal utilization in your body.  


CBD is derived from different plants and these affect the constituents of it. Some can cause one to get high (that which is derived from Marijuana) but the one that is derived from Hemp should not by any means cause you to be high. It also has matchless benefits that it brings with it and if used correctly can solve most of the problems that you are facing. For precautionary measures, make sure that the CBD that you are using is certified by the government and that it is extracted from Hemp. This will help keep you safe and healthy. 

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