CBD and Melatonin: Effectiveness of Promoting Sleep by Using It

CBD and Melatonin

If you are consistently getting a good night’s rest, then you should be grateful. Millions of people worldwide struggle with insomnia and sleeplessness. These conditions drain you physically and mentally, making it impossible for you to do daily tasks. While you can treat sleeplessness with clinical drugs, most of them are ineffective. In fact, they have harmful side effects that may worsen your condition. However, CBD and melatonin are proving to be effective solutions to sleeplessness, and below is their overview.

Overview of CBD & Melatonin

CBD or cannabidiol is an organic compound that’s found in the cannabis plant. It has therapeutic benefits and helps to calm the mind and the body. Melatonin is a hormone that’s produced naturally in the body. It’s connected to the body’s internal clock and helps to regulate sleep. You can also find this hormone in the form of a sleep supplement made in labs.

Does Melatonin Provides Extra Benefits With CBD?

Yes, melatonin provides extra benefits when it’s used with CBD. These two supplements work alongside the endocannabinoid system to promote better sleep patterns. Note that melatonin supplement helps you to sleep faster. So, using them together leads to longer and more restful sleep.

How CBD Is Generally Consumed with Melatonin

What’s the most effective way of consuming CBD and melatonin? Remember that you need to be careful to avoid overdosing. Additionally, you need to take the right dose in order to easily fall asleep. The most effective way is using the two supplements at the same time.

Alternatively, you can just buy a CBD product that contains melatonin. This is a more convenient way to ensure that you dose the products effectively. For best results, take the supplements an hour or two before your usual bedtime.

Note: if you are just starting out, always begin by consuming a lower dose. Increase the dose gradually with time until you find what works for you. It’s also important to first consult with your doctor before using such supplements.

Benefits of Using CBD Products that Have Melatonin

If you choose high-quality CBD oil, then chances are that you will get the most out of it. The best CBD Gummies for Sleep that are blended with melatonin can help to improve the quality of your life. This is because the organic blend works naturally, along with the body’s mechanisms.

But what exactly are the benefits of using CBD products with melatonin? Well, naturally, the body normally produces its own melatonin. However, certain underlying conditions and lifestyle may impact its production negatively.

For instance, spending so many hours facing the screen. Working late through the night, work fatigue, and stress can all interfere with the circadian rhythm that enhances the production of melatonin. This creates a chemical deficiency in the body and as a result, leads to sleep struggles.

CBD has therapeutic effects that enhance sleep patterns. Research studies show that cannabinoid is a serious organic product that can effectively combat sleeplessness. Its calming benefits in easing pain, treating stress, and depression can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

A supplement such as melatonin can leads to improved sleep cycle and promotes relaxation. So, a combination of CBD and melatonin has an endogenous effect in the body. This is because they naturally enhance the production of melatonin and enhance the sleep-wake cycle.

This is an effective one-two punch solution that can efficiently knock out even the most stubborn sleep. The combinational benefits include:

  • Treating insomnia

CBD and melatonin have relaxing and therapeutic effects. CBD, for instance, has high amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids, and combining it with melatonin creates a good sleep aid.

  • Minimizes Nightmares

Nightmares can have a massive effect on your body. They are draining, scary, and may even cause certain health issues. For instance, the effect of REM can interfere with productivity and the effects are usually long term.

Consumer reviews show that those who suffered from a REM sleep disorder and took CBD ended up with fewer side effects of the condition. Besides that, they had calming and relaxing sleep patterns with low instances of nightmares.

  • Easing Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues that affect millions of people worldwide. They are progressive and tend to worsen with time. They impact productivity as well as your sleep patterns.

Even though pharmaceutical drugs can help treat anxiety and depression, they have serious side effects. In addition to that, the prescription drugs tend to cause dependency. However, CBD has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties that make it effective.

Important Sleep Tips

CBD and Melatonin

Even though a combination of CBD and melatonin is highly effective, you have to be very careful with your sleep patterns. Instead of relying on supplements alone, make sure that you change certain aspects of your lifestyle such as:

  • Avoid spending too much time on your devices: limit your screen time and ensure that you stay away from your electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed.
  • Lower your cortisol levels: Cortisol is a type of stress hormone. It acts in the opposite way of melatonin hence it interferes with sleep patterns. If you lower your stress levels, the levels of cortisol will decrease as well and this will consequently lead to better sleep patterns.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Even though CBD has a good safety profile generally, there are still people who experience unwanted side effects. This is mostly due to allergic reactions or instances of overdosing. Potential side effects of using CBD hemp oil include:

  • Dry mouth or the cottonmouth effect
  • Dizziness and drowsiness
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Change in appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue

Does the FDA Approve This Medication?

Even though a combination of CBD and melatonin is something effective, the FDA hasn’t approved its use. The only CBD medication approved for use by the FDA is epidiolex. The prescription drug is approved to treat seizures that are associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex.

Even so, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that CBD hemp oil has lots of medicinal benefits. We still don’t know the extensive benefits of CBD and how exactly we are supposed to use it. So, there is still the need for more research studies to access this.

Where to Buy?

You can easily buy CBD gummies and other related products online and physical retail outlets. This is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and new shops are constantly opening up. But due to the lack of a specific regulatory body, many products found in the market are of low quality. To ensure that you buy quality and legit CBD hemp oil, only make orders directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Final Thought

Lack of sleep is a serious condition that can be detrimental to your health. In fact, research reports indicate that prolonged periods of sleep deprivation can cause death. However, a combination of CBD and melatonin can help to improve your sleep patterns. The supplements enhance quick and quality within a short period. However, make sure that you first consult your doctor before using these supplements.

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