Best CBD Cream for Pain: Buyer’s Guide

CBD cream for pain

Whether you suffer from acute or chronic pain, you may prefer a solution other than opioids to help you find relief. Opioids are responsible for any number of side effects and can be dangerously addictive when not administered correctly. They work for a specific period and then require an increase in dose to provide relief often leading to drug addiction. Now, thanks to numerous new products containing CBD, there are viable CBD cream for pain relief. One can find a topical pain reliever that is non-addictive, and unless you have particularly sensitive skin, it should not bring any uncomfortable or dangerous side effects with its use. Let’s take a look at CBD cream and what it can do for us. 

What is CBD cream?

First of all, CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol and is only one of the compounds found naturally in cannabis plants. These natural chemical elements are better known as cannabinoids. The most well-known cannabinoid is probably THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, but there are many others among the more than a hundred identified cannabinoids present in cannabis plants.

Some of these include 

  • CBC cannabichromene 
  • CBDV cannabidivarin 
  • CBL cannabicyclol 
  • CBG cannabigerol 
  • CBT cannabicitran 

Cannabidiol is non-intoxicating and it is found in both hemp and marijuana plants.  

CBD can be found in numerous forms of products that include  

  • creams 
  • edibles 
  • oils 
  • strips   
  • tinctures 

The best CBD cream with the utmost quality is made with CBD extract and ingredients that theoretically assists your body’s own ECS or endocannabinoid system to ease the pain. Our ECS contains cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2. Research suggests that unlike THC, which binds itself to these receptors, CBD activates receptors called TRPV1 which are involved in the regulation of inflammation and pain and exerts analgesic activity. 

CBD creams can be found in various forms such as  

  • creams 
  • lotions 
  • ointments 
  • salves 

and should be applied topically to the area that hurts whether neck, shoulders, elbows, knees or even feet. As your body produces its cannabinoids, a lack of these could result in or contribute to inflammation or pain. This is where a good CBD cream may come in handy. Some research suggests that CBD together with a minimal amount of THC works better together. Products that contain THC will have less than 0.3 percent among the ingredients. 

What should You consider before purchasing?  

The very best will be natural creams without additives or preservatives. It should not be confused with CBD oil. CBD oil differs thanks to the way it is used. The CBD cream is applied directly onto your skin, while the oil is taken by placing it under your tongue.

And there is no risk that you will become “high” from CBD creamTo cause a high, the CBD product must contain elevated quantities of THC, but most creams do not contain THC or have very little among ingredients. 

Dangerous side effects are not characteristic of CBD creams unless your skin is particularly sensitive, and you suffer an allergic reaction to one of the components in the cream such as a certain type of oil or even beeswax. Generally speaking, the cream should have a positive hydrating effect on your skin. The Cream is not to be ingested as it is specifically for topical purposes.

CBD to be ingested would typically be found in edibles or sublingual oils or could be ingested through smoking.  

Best CBD Creams for Pain


Fabcbd Cream

Fab CBD is a relatively easy cream to find among sellers of CBD creams. The cream is free of GMO ingredients and those ingredients are pesticide-free. This cream is what is called a “full-spectrum” cannabidiol cream meaning that it will contain trace elements of THC, but that these elements do not exceed the 0.3% legal limit. The cream is specifically for stress and pain alleviation, which means that it should provide relief for skin rashes as well as muscle, joint, or arthritis pain.

Key Feature: This topical cream is fullspectrum made using a clean extraction process that allows you to enjoy all of hemp’s health benefits. 


  • formulated with organic hemp using a non-solvent extraction process 
  • pleasant orange scent 
  • the silky texture when applied 
  • contains 600 mg. of CBD in every jar 
  • product tested by a third-party laboratory 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • on-line community discounts and reward points 


  • shipping outside of the US involves lengthy periods 


PureKana CBD Cream

PureKana CBD is the most popular of the brand’s topical products. The cream has a citrusy orange scent and a smooth texture thanks to the fact that they infuse a standard moisturizing cream with CBD. The ointment includes Aloe Vera, coconut oil, and cocoa butter among its ingredients so that your skin will benefit from a velvety soft cream that is also great for your skin. The company guarantees that all its products contain less than 0.2% THC. 

Key Feature: Exceptional moisturizing cream with the advantage of CBD for pain relief. 


  • formulated with organic hemp from Kentucky, no OMG 
  • product tested by a third-party laboratory with results available online  
  • Pesticide-free and herbicide-free 
  • contains 600 mg. of CBD in every ointment 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • products can be a bit more expensive 

Green Roads

Green Roads CBD creams

Green Roads CBD offers a Muscle and Joint Relief Cream that is infused with 300mg of CBD together with menthol for pain relief. This cream is made with CBD from organic hemp that has been extracted via Co2 and is then winterized to remove impurities and unwanted cannabinoids from the product. This cream is pain relief oriented and is also infused with extract of chamomile and lavender together with the menthol offering a delightful aroma without being greasy. 

Key Feature: Cream with CBD combined with menthol for pain relief and bentonite clay for your skin. 


  • Zero percent of TBC in the cream 
  • product tested by a third-party laboratory with results available on the product pages 
  • GMO and Pesticide-free American industrial hemp 
  • Broad-spectrum Co2 process for CBD extraction 
  • Comes in a 150mg or a rollon version in different sizes 


  • Broadspectrum CBD products only 

Premium Jane

Premium Jane CBD Cream

Premium Jane CBD cream comes in a tub of 2 ounces with 750 mg. of CBD and eucalyptus within to give relief to localized painful areas or sore joints. It also comes in the second version of a topical salve that has cocoa butter added in for particularly sensitive skin with 1500 mg. of CBD. The topicals are moisturizing creams infused with CBD and are intended for use anywhere on the body.  

Key Feature: Cream with 750mg or 1500 mg. CBD in an all-body moisturizing cream. 


  • 100% organically grown the hemp used for CBD 
  • Less than 0.2% percent of TBC in the cream 
  • no GMO in ingredients 
  • Contamination free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or solvents 
  • Verified by an outside laboratory 


  • some customer service complaints 

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD Cream

Hemp Bombs CBD cream‘s official name is Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze. It comes in two different sizes of 1 oz. or 4 ounces. The CBD used is sourced from organic European hemp farms that have very strict regulations for the cultivation of organic ingredients. The cream is infused with a CBD isolate that is 99% pure. This cream has been designed for muscle soreness and joint pain that can be massaged into the affected area. 

Key Feature: Salve with 200mg CBD in a cold therapy menthol cream with no traces of THC. 


  • 100% organically grown the hemp used for CBD 
  • No THC in the cream 
  • CBD isolate good for states where cannabis is not legalized 
  • Verified by an outside laboratory 
  • All products manufactured in-house including packaging and shipping for quality control 


  • No full-spectrum creams 

How should I use CBD cream to achieve the best results? 

CBD cream should be applied to a specific part of the body where you are experiencing pain. Applying the cream to a specific muscle, joint or sore area will affect that specific zone, whereas a more general CBD ingested product may make you feel generally better but will not resolve pain limited to a particular area. 

Multi Benefits of CBD Cream 

The best CBD cream for pain targets a specific painful area. These creams are recommended for a multitude of painful conditions like 

  • arthritis 
  • burns 
  • muscle pain 
  • pain that is persistent and acute 
  • pain that is chronic over an extended period 
  • psoriasis 
  • rashes 
  • skin infections 
  • sore and aching joints 

Benefits include 

  • rapid relief 
  • good for the skin depending on the ingredients of the cream 
  • a topical alternative to ingested CBD or vaporizing 
  • easy application 

Where can I purchase? 

You may be able to purchase a CBD cream for pain at local shops, however, there may not be that much of a choice of creams or salves to choose from unless you’ve found one of those rare shops specializing in cannabis products. It may also cost more in a shop due to stocking and personnel costs passed onto the consumer, and the person who waits on you may not be well-versed in the products meaning you’ll have less information when making your selection.  

A local shop will also not offer you the advantage of reading customer reviews as you can if you choose to buy CBD Cream onlinePurchasing online will offer you many more possibilities to do research and to take advantage of those customer reviews that critique the good, the bad and any noticeable side effects as well as providing “verified purchase” labels attached to them.   

A final consideration when you buy CBD cream is the convenience of online shopping and security. No travel, no loss of precious time and your cream can be delivered right to your doorstep. 

The Bottom Line 

At this moment in time, there are not many cures for conditions that cause chronic and acute pain. If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, at best you can hope to treat and relieve your symptoms. CBD bioavailability is not particularly high, but it does appear to act relatively quickly. When you buy CBD cream for pain, you’ll need to know what is CBD and how to try various products to find which one works best for you. What works for one person or one specific type of pain, may not work for everyone or every pain. We hope our list will help you find the best CBD cream for your needs. 

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